I hate January.

But I like this photo.




Filed under ocean of noise, street art

4 responses to “dive

  1. I hate January as well! I am not partial to March either. But my most dreaded day of the year is always November 25th.

    As you can tell I am dreadfully in need of some sun! I like the picture though.


  2. January can kiss my arse! At least in February we get chocolate.

    But I do like that photo.

  3. captainfearless

    January has been completely effed in the a.

    I like that the top hatch of her diving helmet is open and a question mark is floating out.

  4. Sean: January is just never a good month, its what I’d like to refer to as my blue period. Although we did get some sun today…it faded too fast.

    Why November 25th?

    Barb: Ha, I hear you. I heard it was -50 where you are! So glad I’m applying for posts out there. ;S

    February does usually bring change, although don’t get me started on Valentines day.

    Banksy is a keeper. :)

    Fearless: I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling that. Here’s hoping the tides change soon.

    Tis my favourite part of the piece – was immediately attracted to the question mark.

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