Fascinate me.

I am captivated by the meanings, sounds and when the fun not used everyday kind of words make there way into conversation, I get excited.  And I care not if that makes me a geek.

I did some searching and the word of the year seems to be either bailout or hypermiling.

In 2007 my favourite word was, woot. Last year, huzzah…and now I need a replacement. It must follow seamlessly with a fist shake.

Anyway, without further ado…my most used words of 2008.

Ubiquitous: existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent.

Copious &
Abundance: an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.

Perturbed: to disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious.

Confuddle &
Discombobulate: to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate.

Aesthetic: pertaining to, involving, or concerned with pure emotion and sensation as opposed to pure intellectuality.

Facetious: not meant to be taken seriously or literally; amusing.

Myriad: a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.

Stumblebunny: to trip over air, and fall flat on your face.

Cusp: a point at which a curve crosses itself and at which the two tangents to the curve coincide.

Favourite phrases I left England with:

“Well good”
Instead of our more grammatically correct, “Very good”

“Come round to yours”
I’ll be over at your house.

“Heya, alreet?”
Hello, how are you?

“That is massive!”
As in that’s brilliant, awesome.

Phrase I know now not ever to use in England:


That has a very different meaning across the pond, and I stunned my friends when I used it once.

Words I plan to use more of in 2009:

Hullabaloo: great noise or excitement; uproar.

Quixotic: extravagantly chivalrous or romantic.

Lackadaisical: lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid.

Scalawag: scamp; rascal; reprobate.

Cacophony: jarring, discordant sound.

What about you? Favourite words or phrases of the year?



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12 responses to “words…

  1. fearless

    I think Douchebag is my most overused word of 2008 and I need to retire it.

    I really want to start using wankjacket which is a variation on wanker I suppose, but has a nice flow to it.

    Scalawag is good, I like Rapscallion as well. I don’t use “Ace” enough I should probably replace “brill” with it.

  2. I had it all wrong. I thought that half six was 5:30. Good thing I didn’t have to be anywhere at half six! But of course now I am busy conjuring up possibilities for the British meaning of shit-disturber. So much so that I have temporarily forgotten all my favourite words. They are on hiatus. Oooh that’s actually one I like!

  3. Fearless: Douchebag is a good word, but yes, does get overused.

    Ah, wanker is such a grand word. I replaced the word asshat, for wanker this year.

    Rapscallion has a nice ring. Its funny, I thought “brill” would be a more popular expression in England, however I never encountered anyone would said it, they always used the full version, brilliant.

    Barb: Shitdusturber is a very inappropriate gay slang term, apparently. The word has lost its luster for me after being told that.

    I like hiatus, too. :)

  4. I used “awesome” a lot in 08, but my favourite word of the year had to be “defenestrate”. You can’t top that, man.

  5. strawberry-blondie

    Hahaha…hullabaloo. That word always makes me smile. I look forward to hearing you use that in the coming year. Also, cacophony. :-)

  6. BAP: That is a hard word to top, indeed. ;)

    Ali: It has such a nice ring doesn’t? I’ve already used it once today – so I am making my goal. ;)

  7. Oh, I love these kinds of posts. I’ve just finished this week’s column on the most annoying words of 2008. I’ll post a link on Friday.

    And yes, the English language spoken there is soooo different to the American language spoken here.

    How about minging. I’ve not hear that here. It’s commonplace there.

    Never use the term “khaki pants” there.

    Another word that has a different meaning is describing someone as “a good head” Never say that.

    And I love, love, love listening conversations about who is coming to ours and going to yours for Christmas.

  8. Your post is a timely one as I heard a new word today that I hope to use a little more often in 2009. The word capernoited has a certain elegance that in no way belies its meaning- That being slightly intoxicated or tipsy. Bonus points if you can use it in a post this week!


  9. Excellent! A challenge, I accept. :)

    I have never heard that word before, but I like it and may steal it for my word of the week next time round if you don’t mind!

  10. Sorry GT, you ended up in my spam filter! Must fix that.

    I look forward to reading your post. :)

    No, I have not heard minging here either, now that you mention it, its used frequently there too. How about calling the sidewalk, pavement? Which I know it technically is, but still that always got to me.

    Language is such a funny thing. Love it.

  11. Will

    I am going to write these down and put them towards my GRE studying.

  12. Ha! Hope they help. ;) Studying for the GRE…yikes. Good luck.

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