we had a time

its been almost twenty years since we met

she was wearing blue jean overalls, one strap off the shoulder

she reminds me i was in day-glow

a fact i would deny, if only there wasn’t photographic evidence of the event.

she knows everything about me, yet nothing at the same time

she knows the part one always tries to cover up upon leaving the nest

the little eccentricities, the useless facts:

why there is no cartilage in my left knee

the characters in first short story i wrote

who rainbow is

the first song i played on the guitar

the firsts, my defenses that make me, well me.

talking with her now, especially in this place

reminds me how boring my life would be if we were all carbon copies of each other

there needs to be that separation

that split where the light shines through and creates something new.

but its funny, how we know people in different ways, isn’t?

even funnier sometimes how we first met.

dear reader, how did we meet?

i know i remember how i stumbled across each of you…well, mostly. sometimes that rabbit hole gets the best of you.



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9 responses to “we had a time

  1. Hmm… Well, I am going to say that it was in a Film class at Queen’s for sure. It was before Bollywood wasn’t it? Was it a Burke class? Hmm… I cannot recall exactly. Though our hanging out may have simply spawned from us all sitting at the back of the classroom – some of us more away than others. :)

  2. I have no idea. One day, out of nowhere, you started commenting on me. I think you were stalking ;)


  3. Todd: We actually met before Burke, in 250 – remember all those horrible documentaries? I cannot believe you forget the tarrot card one…or the 16mm film we made with the inflatable sheep? ;)

    Ah, the back of the class. You always sat on my right side. Weirdness, eh. I miss our midnight teas…I need to move to the city soon.

    Coyote Mike: Ha, ha! Well I clicked to your blog from another, I use to visit, but doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t recall why I started commenting though. Must have been feeling chatty. :)

  4. Four words ; Green. Monkey. Muzak. Project.

  5. You’re one of the few positive things that I experienced via the Strombi. Embarrassing enough, but quite glad we met.

  6. BAP: Indeed! And we chose the same song – good choice by the way. :)

    Alana: That feels like so long ago, eh? I am glad we met, and glad we left when we did. :)

  7. haha – Ah yes, how could I forget the sheep. I think I forgot all about that semester because I missed the end of it because I got mono!

    Those movies were gold. Pure gold.

  8. I remember it well. It was that Hour thing, which was fun at the time, but even more fun when we started a revolution by quitting together. THAT was awesome!

    I remember the first time I read your blog. You were writing about scary bible camps and I of course felt compelled to comment, having been inadvertently forced to attend one by my atheist parents because it was cheap. Good times (the blogging, not the bible camp)!

  9. Todd: Ah yes, I remember when you disappeared there at the end due to illness.

    They were pure gold. ;)

    Barb: That was awesome to quit together. I remember writing that last post especially. Funny, as I don’t even watch it anymore.

    I remember that too! I wish I still had my old blog archives. I remember the first time I read your blog it was a post about cartoon characters – bugs bunny – to be exact. ;)

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