the shins

i took a nose dive off the cement steps at my gran’s last night. because you know, i’ve always wanted to be wheeled to the airport. and hop down the aisle on crutches (actually, had i known you get to cut lines whilst in a wheelchair i would hurt myself more often when i travel).

i fell on the last step, smacked both my shins, hard, and landed on my kneecaps and then for shits, slammed into the car and hit my head.

i was like a life sized version of those collapsible toys.


and the sad thing is i merely tripped over my own two feet. a common, yet increasingly annoying occurrence.

my knees and shins are the size of grapefruits, but they are subsiding to small oranges i do believe. there is  small fracture we’re almost sure of, as i can’t walk, however xrays shall wait until i return home…because getting a band aid in this country at a hospital would run you a thousand, certainly. but crutches and canes can be purchased at a small price. mine are collapsible too. ;)

not how i wanted to return home, as i have splendid plans for new years, but barring any delays on the flights home, i still plan to partake (drinking helps the pain right?) and thankfully, i have a great real, handsome crutch when i get back.

hope you all have a kick ass new years, whatever you end up doing.

be seeing you. most likely sporadically. :)



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10 responses to “the shins

  1. fearlox

    Ouch! That sounds like quite the blunderbuss! Good idea to avoid the joys of American overbilling, lucky Canadians! I hope the fracture isn’t too bad and that your knees and shins return to their regular size and shape soon. See you next year!

  2. Oh my! you poor dear! :( Do you have a bump on your head too? Hope you have a speedy recovery, and a Happy New Year!

  3. Oh Al! What a horrid way to end your trip (no pun intended)! I do hope that you heal quickly, that you are able to walk again within short order, and that you are still able to enjoy your New Year’s Eve, complete with date.

    Smart move saving your treatment till you’ve returned home.

  4. Oh my! Thank God you weren’t too seriously injured. Now I save those kind of mishaps for when I AM drinking – hurts less at the time.

    Seriously, that’s awful. Bloody feet get in the way sometimes, don’t they? When I was shovelling snow I did a gigantic whosh of a feet flying out from under me/land on my backside thing. It was a 9/10.

    Take care and heal up soon. Happy new year…you’re a trooper. xo

  5. PS: love the quotable quote.

  6. Fearless: Hey, look you got to use that word! I couldn’t believe the prices they quoted us, even with travel insurance we’d still have to pay upfront. Craziness. Still immobile, but not planning on letting that stop shenanigans tonight. Happy New Year!

    Malibupineapple: Oh yes, there is a bump, as to be expected, but could have been much worse. And a happy new year to you as well!

    Barb: It was such a comical trip home. Between delays, and almost mixed connections, flying through the airport with a wheelchair its a wonder we all made it home. Everything is uber swollen at the moment, but thankfully there are lots of frozen peas in the fridge. ;)

    Hope you guys have a great new years too, send you a missive tomorrow. :)

    Deb: Its funny, I have perfect balance when I’m drinking, I think something levels out and I never fall.

    Ouch! I hope you’re okay, shoveling is a dangerous game. If only we didn’t have to play.

    Ha, thanks. Said to my brother. ;)

    Happy New Year!

  7. strawberry-blondie

    I hope you’re on the mend now! As the result of a minor leg injury my mom had to spend a week long cruise in a wheelchair. Her stories about being wheeled to the front of the lines and not having to wait for anything were similar to yours. I hope that made the journey home to free health care a little less painful.

  8. Oh, I see. That’s why your legs were swollen – you know, reading blogs from the top down, sometimes you miss the plot. Sounds dreadful. Hope they are feeling better today

  9. Ali: Things are starting to feel much better now. All the resting and ice has helped a lot. :)

    Gifted Typist: Its been a rough week, I must admit, but things are looking up. :)

  10. ouch! Be careful out there!

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