snaps in transit

I’ve been working off of my brothers notebook computer since we got here, as it picks up wireless much better. Trouble is the whole computer is smaller than the keyboard in my laptop, so it was a tad frustrating to use. Namely because the touchpad magnifies the screen if you hit it accidentally, and well, I had issues with that. However, I’m back on my computer now but it feels massive after typing on the wee computer.

Anyway, here are a few totally random photos I took around the neighbourhood and while we were at the street fair the other day. When traveling with my family, one does not get time to pause and take a proper photo. Its no wonder I was left behind so much as a kid.


On the road to my Gran’s house. Oh how I love the windmills.


A view from the street.


From the backyard. I saw one of those palm trees topple earlier this week. Scary.


I am sure one size fits all.


Next to the blanket with sleeves (does anyone else see its just a robe put on backwards?) the Sham Wow is the my favourite infomercial.


I think the lettering needs to be bigger, don’t you?


Everyone needs a ad magnet.


For people who don’t like big hats when the are lounging outside.



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4 responses to “snaps in transit

  1. Palm trees are so freaky looking, aren’t they? It’s like they are made-up or something.

    That flea market looks like quite an amazing place. I certainly hope you got Sham-wows for the whole family.

  2. you saw it topple over?! hopefully you weren’t too close to it when it happened.

    were the one size fits all blouses stretchy?

    and I must say that I am a little more than surprised that you can have an entire puppy dog for lunch for under 4$ – I mean, if I wanted to get one for a pet it would probably be at least 100$ – at least. ;)

  3. Interesting photos. Some aspects of our culture are just plain weird, eh? ;-)

  4. Barb: They do kind of have an ominous feeling to them, don’t they? Its weird seeing bits of them lying on the grass too.

    Of course. I would have purchased the chair too, but worried about overweight luggage you know.

    Todd: No, I watched from the window. Freaky.

    They were stretchy blouses, but still. I don’t believe them.

    Only in America, eh. ;)

    Whitenoise: The flea market really brings out the strangest things in life.

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