today is tomorrow

When was the last time you cried at the cinema?

If its been a while for you, go see The Reader. Great film, but heartbreaking.

Also saw the trailer for this picture, which looks rather cute. Made me a little sad though, as I miss that backdrop portrayed and one of last scenes in the trailer…the meet me here…just reminded me of something, somewhere, in another time.



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8 responses to “today is tomorrow

  1. I cried at Milk. It’s a must see and I think Sean Penn will absolutely get nominated for an Oscar.

    I’m gonna add The Reader to my list of movies to see. :)

  2. I plan to see Milk this Thursday, I am looking forward to it!

    The Reader is not so uplifting, but its a good story. Same director as The Hours…so.

  3. captainfearless

    My favorite thing about that preview was the use of Badly Drawn Boy’s music.

  4. Does provide a nice backdrop. My favourite use of his music is in About a Boy.

  5. Eve

    I also cried (multiple times out of sadness, happiness and pure joy) while watching “Milk”

    Will keep the Reader in mind for this weekend’s trip to the movies!

  6. So I should bring tissues? Thanks for the heads up. :) I had none last night, but thankfully had a pashmina.

  7. That clip you showed does look good, I quite like Emma Thompson, but why do they always have to show the entire film in trailers?

  8. It does really give a lot away, eh. Hopefully there will be a few surprises!

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