burning bridges, breaking hearts

I’m sitting on the patio waiting for the others to ready themselves for the evening. We’re on senior time, so dinner starts at 4.30. Its a good thing I’ve stopped eating lunch since we’ve arrived.

There is a cute little road runner looking for food in the corner. I don’t think he’s noticed me, otherwise I’m sure his tail about be up.

Later on this evening we’re set to go see The Reader. My gran wasn’t been to the cinema in over a decade, so I hope the picture is enjoyable.

I’ve been in a Bowie phase this week. Does he still tour? I think I need to add him to my list. Imagine how Win, Reg & Co. felt in this clip. Who would you want to share a stage with?

Hmm, now I want to watch Labyrinth.



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3 responses to “burning bridges, breaking hearts

  1. Eve

    Road Runner, that is cool! You should post pictures, I don’t think I have ever seen one.

    Speaking of which, never seen Labyrinth either, I know I have to get on top of that one, if nothing just to see Bowie’s ridiculous hairdo.

    Hope all is welL!

  2. fearless

    Bowie is a great choice, I’d choose Keef tho, as a guitar player, he’s the one.

  3. Allison

    Eve: Shall be Facebooking them once I return. Have one shot of the road runner. :)

    Oh, we must change this! Next time I’m in TO I will bring my copy and we’ll have a movie night in!

    Fearless: I imagine he’d be quite the character to share a stage with as well!

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