frozen lemonade

Ever have one of those days where the good is really good, but the bad just kicks you in the ass an makes you want to curl into your blanket cape? I am sure there is a much more eloquent way of describing that feeling, but my brain is toast (I am blaming all the smoke).

The top of the milk jug we bought today said ‘Try Me Hot’, which made me chuckle. After I got over the fact I was pouring milk from a jug, not a bag.

I keep hearing Bart Simpson’s voice in my head and I haven’t watched the Simpsons in weeks. Its kind of troubling, to be honest.

Something that made you smile today?

I just read an hilarious email from a longtime friend, and earlier received a very welcome call amidst the annoyances of the day.



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5 responses to “frozen lemonade

  1. fearless

    I clicked on that video but it says “embedding disabled by request”

  2. You know what? They don’t have bagged milk here. That really freaked me out when we first came from Ontario.

    Boo on annoyances! You and Bart should get out and do something fun.

  3. Fearless: Ah sorry, its just a Queens of the Stoneage video (Little Sister).

    Barb: Really? How interesting! I have milk from the carton from time to time, but never from a jug. Of course when my family from the US visits they find it so odd to pour milk from the bag.

    Today will be most fun, I am sure. :)

  4. Strawberry Blondie

    I enjoy bagged milk. Just the pure efficiency of the packaging warms my little heart.

  5. I have to agree. :) Although the little jugs you can get in England also are kind of cute, but not so environmentally friendly.

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