high winds and sand

A line from a Canadian documentary we watched in film school, that was said with such monotone disdain its etched in my memory, and completely reflects the weather at the moment. Serious wind storm going on, the power has been on and off and trees are falling down left and right.

So I plan to spend Boxing Day in my pj’s. Well I showered and then put my pj’s back on. No desire to brave the crowds and go shopping today. Actually I have no idea if there would be crowds in the States today. I may venture outside at some point today to watch a movie, there are a few out at the moment that I would really like to see, namely The Spirit, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Milk and Frost/Nixon. Any films you are looking forward to seeing?

I have been looking forward to this album for quite some time – here is the first single from Malajube’s latest Labyrinthe, due out in February. Its a bit slower than a lot of their previous work, but it really builds and I am intrigued to hear the full album.


And some street art for Friday. At least I think its Friday…this week has been odd.


dancersOh, how a man in a fedora is hard to find. Sigh.



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6 responses to “high winds and sand

  1. I’ve never been in a sandstorm, but the thought is quite scary. As least with snow or rain, it won’t etch itself into your flesh.

    I ended up being totally slothful today as well. Didn’t even stick my nose out the door. But we did watch several episodes of Slings and Arrows.

    Thanks for the Malajube single! Another album to watch out for in 09!

  2. That is true. Thankfully things cleared by this afternoon, so all is well now.

    I managed to get myself together for this evening and go out, but it was an effort I tell ya. :) Ah, I heart Slings and Arrows, I’m so glad the zombie household is enjoying that goodness too!

    I’ll have a few albums to send you upon my return, too. :)

  3. fearless

    Milk and Frost/Nixon are both quite good. I am looking forward to seeing TCCOBB as I am a huge Fincher fan. This December seems pretty light on album leakage, ah well.

  4. Looking forward to seeing them when I get back. Tomorrow I’m going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, as I loved the Fitzgerald story. It is rather long though, just under 3 huors, hope it doesn’t feel that long.

    Hopefully January will make up for it, as there are a lot of good albums coming out in the first two months of the year.

  5. I want to see the last three you mentioned, but don’t know “The Spirit.” Didn’t Jonathan Winters age backwards in Mork and Mindy?

  6. I don’t know, I think The Spirit seems interesting. I enjoyed both Sin City and 300 and I can’t see this being radically different.

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