happy holidays

Hope everyone is enjoying holiday goodness this week.

Any stories worth sharing?

I walked ran into the xmas tree last night. Thankfully, the ornaments and most of the presents remained unharmed. I did however learn I am allergic to pine trees.

I’ve decided the more I drink, the less I am agitated with the family. Why I didn’t I think of this earlier? Actually no, things have calmed down and its been a pleasant few days. We just don’t talk about religion and politics anymore.


The wireless I am using has blocked a lot of sites, some of your blogs are not accessible (Deb). Its funny what the filters block, even on your own computer.

I am sitting in the lobby and there is this old British rocker next to me, with his wife (who apparently had a boyfriend in the Clash) they are talking about the Sex Pistols and how they used to share a manager, and I cannot place him for the life of me. But I recognize him and I don’t want to ask. Gah, maybe it’ll come to me later. Okay, now his wife is saying she used to live with Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend. This conversation is hilarious. They are talking so bloody loud, I wish I had brought my headphones.

Alright, I’m outta here. Can’t handle multiple conversations, conflicts with the one already in my head. Plus I’m late…late for a very important date!

A very merry to you and yours!



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4 responses to “happy holidays

  1. His wife had a boyfriend in the Clash and then lived with Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend? Holy multi-generational, batman! That’s awesome, I am in awe.

  2. I know, that’s what I thought. And she did not look that old. Haven’t seen them around again, so his identity remains a mystery too. Bah!

  3. Dying to know who that british rocker is. I used to life near Joe Strummer (in Somerset, UK) before he – sniff – died.

  4. I wish I could have placed him, sorry. Ah Joe, such a loss.

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