the science of superheroes

I was wandering through the grocery store late last night and noticed an abundance of apples.

Well, a large variety I should say. At least a dozen different kinds, and I did not recognize almost half. I wonder if the names are just different here? Some of them really seemed made up. Of course I can’t think of an example now, I’ll go back and take notes later. I just stuck with my Royal Gala.


My brother is being horrible. To everyone, not just me for once. Although only I have the bruises. Oi and vey.


My Gran is doing better than expected. We had a lovely day together yesterday, which ended with a high stakes card game. Competition defintely runs in the family. Today my parents are doing a lot of paperwork with her, and she’s redoing her will, etc. I also think they’re trying to convince her to move back to Canada. But I don’t think she’d ever leave here. For one thing, you can’t smoke back home and she’s set in her routine. It would be nice to have her closer. Sometimes I wonder if having family so far away makes you appreciate them a bit more, than if they were at your doorstop. I never lived in the same area as any relatives.


I got up early this morning and took a walk to my favourite spot. I’ll have to take a camera next time, although part of me likes that its untouched and so peaceful. Once I’m done firing a few missives here and there I am going to wander down through a couple of museums and galleries I noticed yesterday.


Last night before I went to bed I caught a show on the History channel about the evolution of Batman’s suit and other gadgets. Now, I’m a huge geek so I found this kind of fascinating. They were commenting on if the suit, etc was scienctically possible. Almost everything in the newer Batman’s is, some of the more elaborate gagets some the older films, and comics were not.

It got me thinking (even though not all superheroes need a suit), if you were a superhero, what would comprise your suit and or other gadgets?

I’d want a memory cloth cape.

My monocle would have some infrared and xray wizardry.

And I’m thinking a cane could double has some kind of utility belt with lots of different compact compartments.

I would also like some kind of a hat, but I think that might be pushing it.



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6 responses to “the science of superheroes

  1. I’m glad to hear that your grandmother is doing so well. I definitely agree that when it comes to family, a little distance is a very good thing.

    They were talking about batman on Quirks and Quarks the other day too, talking about how long it would take to become a superhero. 5-7 years for getting in shape alone – forget that noise.

  2. Thanks Barb, its been nice spending time with her. The next few days will be good too, having various dinners, etc.

    Yikes, that is rather timely. Not for me either. I’ll take a gadget over working out. ;)

  3. The more distance, the more I like the family. May your Christmas be filled with gadgets to help you take over the world Allison!

  4. Strawberry Blondie

    Well, now I kind of want a batsuit for Christmas. Actually, perhaps just the batmobile. I would look so cool in that…

    I hope your brother mellows a bit for the rest of the holidays, but I’m glad your grandmother is doing well and burning up the competitive card playing circuit. Don’t lose too much to her. ;)

  5. Dale: I’m with you there. Thank-you, and happy christmas to you as well! I hope the snow stops for you guys, even for a bit.

    Ali: Oh you would. You’d have the shoes and dress to match, perfectly. :)

    I think today will be better, as there will be more people around to distract him. I will try not too, I wish I had inherited her luck!

  6. Eduardo Ghost

    I’m envying you about that batman’s documentary, I missed it! If I were a superhero I would like to have a mask too, ’cause being recognized I would be in big trouble, then I’d like to have a suit because it has to be like a second skin if I ran all around in the alleys. I would spoil myself all the wires which Batman has because I’m not comfortable in the hollow… that’s all I think.

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