i wanna tear you apart

landed safe and sound in sunny California. greeted at the airport by family, which was lovely. this is the first time in 5 years we’ve traveled as a family and i’ve been met at the airport. weird. but enjoyable.

anyway, guess who we saw at the airport? or least we think we saw.

one hint: quivering banshee.

if only my shoe was easily removable…

i probably wouldn’t have been able to throw anyway, i was too busy laughing at my brother. he would be a fan. he would.



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11 responses to “i wanna tear you apart

  1. fearlox

    quivering banshee, eh?

    Alanis Morissette. I know her singing is off key a lot, but that’s hardly shoe-throw worthy.

  2. Yay!! You made it out of the winter hellhole! Well done you.

    I’m pretty sure you didn’t see Souixsie, besides who throws a shoe at her? Perhaps Celine Dion?

  3. Allison

    Fearless: Nope, not Alanis. Yeah, she’s a bit off but not shoe worthy. A have a mix cd with the sound of a gun going off to his voice…

    Barb: Oh, you know this one too! I want to give you one more guess…think scary cut out mask…he’s British.

  4. fearlox

    “My life is brillian….. alright who threw that fucking shoe??!”

    You’re shoetiful it’s true!

  5. Allison

    If only those where the only words to that song.

    That would have made me so happy to have thrown the shoe. I shall have to carry an extra one just in case the opportunity presents itself again.

  6. Oh no! Really? hahhaahaha! And I’ll bet you didn;t even have the mask with you either. That’s too funny!

  7. Yep, really! I thought of you and the mask right after.

    Note to self: Things to carry next time I’m in LAX in case I run into James Blunt – extra shoe and cut out mask to scare him with. ;)

  8. lol how funny…I wonder if James Blunt would have the same cat like reflexes that Bush did. He was after all in the Royal Army, or some Royal Military thingy.

    Welcome to my side of the country!!! (kinda) haha Hope the weather will be nice while you’re in Cali!

  9. Now come on, be nice. It’s Christmas, after all. James Blunt doesn’t deserve to have shoes thrown at him, no matter what he’s done.
    Does he?

  10. Why why why why didn’t he throw the shoe while bush was looking the other way? Without question, would have made my year.

    Confession – saw Mr Blunt interviewed and, well, he sort of actually came across ok. He was quite funny. I know. I hate myself. But it’s true. Sorry.

  11. Allison

    Malibupineapple: Hahaha, I don’t know, hopefully next time I’ll get a chance to test that out.

    The weather isn’t -20…I am happy as a clam! You’re in Arizona, right? I will be there on the weekend, so then on your side of the country. ;)

    BAP: Sorry, but I really dislike James Blunt with every fiber of my being.

    Karen: I know, eh! Would have been brilliant. Well, it still was fab to watch. ;)

    Hahaha! Well, no need to apologise, at least he can carry a conversation. Off topic, but I saw an interview with Tom Cruise the other week and I actually bored myself to sleep. He’d be on my shoe list too, with Beyonce. ;)

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