stencil me this

A few random photos I took in Newcastle…

outside the sage

I love these guys…find more of their stuff here.


This one is not mine, but right next to the previous picture. Perhaps done by the same guys?


And Audrey is from Sunderland, which is technically not Newcastle.


This was in the skate park across from my flat, I walked by it everyday.


Not street art, but I love how you can see all but one of the seven bridges on the Tyne in this photo. Also at the base of the BALTIC (the art gallery balcony I am standing on) is where the first two photos were taken.

The burbs are slowly killing me. I can’t wait to get away next week. Where the good graffiti is…



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7 responses to “stencil me this

  1. captainfearless

    You love space invaders? who knew…

    because of the glass partitions the last photo almost looks fake. Nice shoes.

  2. Sunderland…isn’t…IN..Newcastle?



  3. Fearless: Amazingly I took that picture before seeing the films, and loved it. Now I have much better appreciation for it. ;)

    You should see the pictures I took of the Atomium in Brussels…those look fake because that place is so surreal. Thanks, I quite enjoy them.

    BAP: Technically not considered part of Newcastle, but like a suburb. Twas late. ;)

  4. captainfearless

    Films? Space Invaders is a video game from the 70’s.

  5. Ah sorry, appropriated inside joke for that piece.

    Yes, I became aware of space invaders after viewing their site.

  6. I love those bridges. I would miss them terribly if I were you, I am sure.

    You are right, there is not a lot of good graffiti in the burbs, just mundane tags.

  7. I miss them terribly. :(

    Another plus of city living!

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