i could sleep forever these days because in my dreams i see you again


i hate using a mouse on the computer. and for the past three years i haven’t had to, whilst laptopping. i have one of those slide touch things, which i heart. perhaps i wouldn’t hate the mouse so much if it was just a plain scroll. but the one i’m using now – moves i swear at the speed of light – and has buttons along the side, which i keep accidentally pressing and thus going backwards and forwards through the web, not at my pace.

its a reverse learning curve.

its funny when things disrupt your normal order…its then that you realise how particular you can be. or when someone questions how you do things, and you’re forced to think about why (this comes into play especially with language), its really kind of wonderful to tilt your head and ponder why you do the things you do.

anything been pointed out to you recently?

oh, how do you make scrambled eggs? my egg making was questioned last weekend and i’m curious to see how you make yours. also, i am the only one who rinses dishes before they go into the dishwasher? perhaps this stems from years of never having a dishwasher.

i’m not sure if i’m making any sense here. the cold has numbed my digits and brain this eve. or all the apple cider has gone to my head.



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7 responses to “i could sleep forever these days because in my dreams i see you again

  1. captainfearless

    If you go into the control panel (start>control panel>mouse) you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and slow things down a bit. I have to have a mouse even on a slidey thing computer.

    Scrambled eggs, well the correct way (so that they are light and fluffy) is to put the eggs in a bowl and beat them for a bit(sometimes I add a very small amount of milk to the eggs to make them even fluffier) before putting them in the pan , but the quick and easy way (aka diner way) is crack the eggs right into the pan and then scramble them.

    And yeah, you have to rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher or else you may end up with residue from your meal on the dish. I think of the dishwasher as the dish “sanitizer”, I am the dishwasher.

    MMM.. I wish I had some hot apple cider… well I guess I’ll just have some cranberry oatmeal to warm my tumbly.

  2. Yeah, I found the sensitivity while trying to adjust the resolution. This monitor is bigger than my old telly and was set on a huge font. All has been changed now!

    Yes, I make mine with milk and beat them in a bowl. Always. Everyone I was making breakfast for last weekend was very perplexed to see me add in the milk, and utterly gobsmacked as I rinsed the dishes. Its something we’ve always done, you’re defintely right on the dishwasher as the dish “sanitizer”. Just makes logical sense!

    I just found the best local apple cider too.Yum. Ah sorry to rub it in…enjoy your oatmeal. :)

  3. Eve

    Scrambled Eggs= mix in bowl, add some milk or water and pour in pan. I let mine sit and cook like an omlette for a bit then mix around at the end.

    I totally agree that people can notice things you do and comment, and you never even realized you do things that way.
    I always thought I was not picky, pretty easy to please, but apparently liking all of your food plain is picky , becaues food comes with sauce and spices.

    That is a big one in my life.

  4. I break the eggs right into the pan and then add milk and stir them around with a wooden spoon. I like my scrambled eggs to be not too homogeneous.

    And I too practically have to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, but that’s because we have a crappy dishwasher. I smelled smoke coming from it the other day and thought that at last its time was up, but it seems to have recovered.

    I hope your mouse issues are resolving. It’s good for us to have to do things differently occasionally.

  5. Eve: Sounds like we make eggs the same way! :)

    I’m picky when it comes to food as well, I think most are. I dislike spicy, which is sometimes limited especially when it comes to veggie food. That reminds me…I must start Facebook thread for our dinner next week. I was thinking Greek…

    Barb: Rebel, you!

    Yikes, smoke does not sound good at all. At least its under control now, that’s an added expense one does not want at this time of year.

    I made the trip to London and picked up a power cord, as I needed it to do my work. So all is well. :)

  6. The scrambled eggs, they should be moist. I come from a long tradition of eggs so scrambled they are little yellow dry clumps. Since marrying into a British line, I have discovered the joys of creamy scrambles… can’t go back. Well do go back cuz my technique is still quite base, but at least I now know the diff.

    I realize how picky I am about the milk in my morning coffee. I cannot stand to dilute a perfectly hot cuppa with cold milk. The milk must be hot.

  7. Funny, the worst eggs of my life were had while living in England. I think it had to do with actual eggs though. Not sure.

    Interesting. Well, we all have our quirks, and yours does make logical sense, I never thought of it that way before.

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