my parents just got rid of those lamps last year

This Hallowe’en I’m taking part The Big Wicked Online Pageant over at A Cup of Coffey. Here is my entry.

I searched high and low for a picture, but found there were very few Hallowe’en photos. So I was left with a ballerina photo, or this one, me at age 5, in a…well we’re not exactly sure what I was supposed to be. But apparently I put it together myself (gasp, I know doesn’t this look store bought?), my mother reackons I was going for the gypsy look.

Me, I’m loving the living room decor (amazingly we still have that couch in the basement and I am actually sitting on it as I type) in this photo and my fringe. I do believe my bangs are curled upwards.

Oh yeah.

Favourite childhood Hallowe’en costume?

I wish I had the photo, but one year I went as a Ninja Turtle.


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15 responses to “my parents just got rid of those lamps last year

  1. ha – too cute. I am no big fan of Halloween anymore. I enjoyed it as a kid though. Sad thing is that I often fell into the same ‘costume’ year after year – a hockey player – which got old pretty fast, lol.

    I would love to see you dressed up as a ninja turtle!!!! :P

  2. Ninja gypsy! I love it!!!

  3. Todd: I haven’t really been in recent years, but I have a party to go to this year, and figuring out a costume has been fun. You, a hockey player? I may need photographic evidence of this. ;)

    Me too. Alas, it is not to be.

    Beth: Haha! Such a great idea, thanks for putting it all together!

  4. Evidence that you rocked always!

  5. maggie

    One year my mother made me an entire tail so I could be the little mermaid. That was impressive, but hard to run in in gym class.

    Also awesome was when I went as the ace of spades. The rain half-ruined my costume, but it was really well done with a lot of detail.

  6. Aaaaaw – very adorable!

  7. Dale: I think the side ponytail helps. ;)

    Maggie: Haha! I imagine that would be a bit of a pickle. I’ve wanted to go as a mermaid, but figured the costume was just too much.

    Might be going to a fancy dress New Years party themed around Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I was thinking about going as a card of sorts.

    Hi Katrocket Thanks for stopping by! Your costume was brill!

  8. All together now….AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  9. What a beautiful gypsy you make! And one of the best things about looking at yourself as a kid is also looking at the furniture you grew up around

  10. I think the noose around your neck adds a nice touch of the macabre to your costume. You were sure one complex little kid.

  11. BeckEye: Universal expression for childhood photos isn’t?

    Bubs: Thank-you. Its true, looking through the photos I was surprised at the decor. More surprised that it hasn’t really been upgraded. ;)

    Barb: Ha! It does kind of look like that doesn’t? I love that I’m wearing a scarf around my waist.

  12. Oh! I love that photo … it’s sooooo, 1943 or something.

  13. Holy cutest thing ever!!

    I think my favourite costume was the three-legged man. My last year trick-or-treating at 18, I went with my then-BF. I bought an extremely obese man’s pants from Value Village and the both of us quite easily fit ourselves inside of them, with a hole cut in the side for another leg to stick out. We got inside one large plaid shirt, and headed out. Like a three-legged race for candy.

  14. That’s a great idea! Although I imagine a bit hard to walk in? I appreciate the creativity. This year mine is not that complex, I just have to braid my black wig and go as Wednesday from The Addams Family (because I have the dress).

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